Tuesday, March 3, 2009


No way, not change.  We only voted for it.  We only wanted it.  It was only time for it. Intuituvely speaking, it was time for change.  Just like when Bush first got into office, right before 9/11.  We know it was not fair how he got in, we all realize that, but it was time for him to take over.  It was meant for him to be in office at that time.  We felt a sense of "John Wayne-ish" security with him being the one speaking to us after we were terrified and afraid.  We needed the cowboy to save us from the mean terrorists. Remember that?  

Now here we are, with Obama.  I have faith.  I still get chills when he speaks, even if Wall Street ices over every time.  I am with him.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  He's cleaning up, which isn't fun for anyone.  

Remember being little and building that tent in your basement out of every blanket, pillow and chair down there and playing in it all day?  Then, your mom came down and said it's time to clean up and your friends to go home.  Not fun.  It's time to clean up and it's time to balance out the energy that President Bush impeded on our country for eight years.  With Bush, the rich got richer and the smart got rich.  Now, that group...the top 1% are all very upset with Mr. Obama and so is Wall Street.  It will take time.  Why does our country thrive on fear?   Because we are impatient, impulsive and require immediate self-satisfaction.  We are an ADHD America.

Don't we realize we are protected?    It's in our All-American blood.  We are inevitably the leader of the free world...still!  Media, online conversations and blogs are all just chatter. Chatter.  We need to filter the chatter.  We have the privilege of freedom of speech, which to me is the most important part of our democracy, freedom of expression and be who we are.  It's great that we can chatter...that we can twitter...that we can speak.  It's up to each person individually to filter all of these messages and follow their own intuition and let this guide then into the right path of their lives.  We just have to do it.  We are fortunate that we are allowed to do it here, which is greatest part of the battle.  We shouldn't suffer from intuitive deficit disorder any more. 

We will be a successful country again, even after all of the anxiety...Wall Street, banks failing, zombie banks, car manufacturers' bailout, etc.  We are going to emerge again.  I feel it and it will happen faster than we think.  Seriously, don't believe the hype.  

We, as a country, just don't like change.  We don't like upheaval and movement.  It makes us uncertain.  We like certainty...security.  It's what our great grandparents and great-great grandparents were promised when they came here.  They passed down the notion that we will live here in freedom and feel secure, especially after what they all escaped from to come here and start over.  Change is inevitable.  It happens, we learn from it and move forward.  We have before.  After the Great Depression, when my own mother at age four had to live with her aunt and uncle because they couldn't afford to feed, clothe and shelter her.  We are not in that deep, although it may look that way to economists. We will make it through these changes.  

Everything will balance out.  We went from following Paris Hilton and Britney Spears on TMZ to following David Gregory to learn about the State of our Union on Twitter almost overnight. Right now, we live in an incredibly fast paced micro-country at the moment and if we are patient, the recession and suffering will be short-lived.  The internet will see to that!  We will be strong again.  The recession on paper looks horrible, but it's a mentality.  Once we get the all of the markets moving again by spending and creating and stimulating, the circulation of money will move and we'll emerge in the rapid speed we have become accustomed to as a nation. Money has an incredibly strong energy and when it moves, it moves mountains.  

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