Sunday, March 8, 2009


Mirrors.  They are reflections of our appearance gazing back at us.  I was always fascinated by them.  How is it that we are able to see ourselves in them, I would wonder.  I still think...I know it's about light reflection, but as we are standing in front of a mirror, gazing and understanding that it's our self gazing back at us, it is literally and energetically an image of us, our reflection that we see with our eyes.  It's so plain to understand, if you don't think too hard about it.  

Light is a form of energy, our very being, our soul is also a form of energy and we create more energy by simply living our lives, whether its good or bad energy that we put out there, energy breeds energy.

It makes sense, mirrors are similar to the concept of understanding that what you put out into the universe comes right back.  They say in Feng Sui, mirrors do not belong in our bedrooms when we sleep, because as we sleep our dreams our reflected back to us and this can be repeated over and over while we are asleep, which is not good for our restful minds.  In our sleep, our subconscious is trying to resolve the conflicts we experience in our conscious mind throughout the day.  How horrible it would be to keep reflecting this energy again and again as we sleep as our conscious mind is trying to heal itself.

I believe what you do always comes back to you in one form or another and have always been able to read energy.   I can feel shifts of energy.  Anyone can feel energy if they let their intuition take over and stop listening to their mind and its thoughts and just feel the experience and situation they are in.  There are forms of meditation that can guide you to that place if it can't be accomplished by quieting the mind on your own.  

When the United States went to war in Afganistan and Iraq, remember how the world experienced many major natural disasters around the same time? Asia suffered a devastating Tsunami, the United States suffered through numerous devasting hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. There were major earthquakes and more happening around the same time in the world.   I felt that it was the reflection of what was happening in the Middle East. It was a mirrored reflection of the negative energy from the war.  President Bush and his cabinet pushed negativity and fear out into the world and it the world got caught in its wake.  Today, we are feeling a major energy shift because it is trying to rebalance itself.  It's trying to regain and maintain its footing.  The new economy is the proof that we are feeling the ripples of what the world has been through in the last few years. 

In an interview on CNBC, Warren Buffet said we are in a "vicious negative feedback cycle," which could be another way to explain that we are now receiving feedback and reflection from the energy that was sent out into the world in the last few years.  We have to work through the pain, work it all out, which is painful for all.  If we want the payoff, we all have to do the work, even if we aren't directly responsible for the intention.  This is not to say, we are living through a punishment for what others have created, but we must to to work and go through this shift in the role of humanity.  We are now in this together, whether we want to be or not.  

"The goal of the path is to transform your awareness from separation to unity. In unity we perceive and express only love."  Deepak Chopra

As much as some capitalists and entrepenuers disagree with the current way Obama is handling the economic problems that we find ourselves in.  Unfortunately, it has to be done.  We have to suffer through it together.  He's trying to rebalance and clean up the old messes, the old capitalism, to hopefully make way for the new cleaner way of doing business in our country.  It will never be perfect because we are all just human.   

Maybe as long as we can still build businesses in our country, as long as we, the American people who love instant gratification will understand that the 'get rich quick" scheme days are few and far between.  

It's possible that only the ones who have created value in their businesses and as a mirror to that, in their own humanity should be able to survive the storm.  Companies and individuals may find themselves tredding water to stay afloat, but at the very least, we still have freedom. We are still able to create as a country because of our freedoms.   That's what will continue to make us a great country.  We will have success again after all of the anxiety, we just need to ride it out and look squarely at our reflection in the mirror, once we've followed the lighthouse back home. 


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