Sunday, March 1, 2009

Intro to my blog.

In the United States, we are led by the mass media and pop culture around us.  We are driven to always compare ourselves to what others are doing and it without realizing it, we find ourselves expelling countless energy to keep up.  There is tremendous information around us on a daily basis and the list is growing by the nanosecond.  Because of the pace of the internet, we are receiving new information globally and sharing energy and thought faster than ever in the history of humanity. It's reassuring and terrifying at the same time.  

Since, there is so much information around us, we can have the tendency to get very caught up i it.  So much so that we may lose ourselves and lose our own purpose for existence.  It is important to stay informed, make informed decisions, but to also follow our own intuition to live our lives and not solely do what the media and our pop culture sways us to do.  One important part of every day is to feel grounded by gaining energy from nature to feed your own spirit.  Study a tree, for example and it may sound really silly, but "be the tree."  Feel what the tree is feeling.  It just takes a minute, but it can ground you and help to refocus your energy so you can follow your own path and not where another's path may be dragging you. 

I have always been very sensitive to the world around me, from a very young age and have always perceived human behavior and energy without quite grasping that not everyone else sees and feels the way I do.  Everyone is intuitive, in some way.  It's how we perceive our intuition and use it that makes us different.  I have lived by my instincts and always followed my intuition to guide me throughout my life.  If there's anything I can offer that will inspire or enlighten anyone reading it, then it's been worth my while.  I have always had the strong need for self-expression and it most likely stems from my core belief that everything happens for a reason and yet we have freedom to make our own decisions and choose our own paths, there is still a strong force of energy that has determined much of our fate.  As I blog, I'll cite examples from daily and past experiences that will explain where I've come up with most of the stuff I believe.  I'm not saying I'm always right or have all the answers in any way, but if my experience can help even one person with their own life struggles, than it's all worth it.  

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